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Hey, I am Brian!

As the founder and Lead Pastor of two non-profit organizations - Cincinnati Dream Center and Cincinnati Dream Works, I've made it my life's work to guide others on their journey to inner transformation. I'm not just your average spiritual guide. I also lead my family's successful development company across three states.


This unique combination of spiritual wisdom and business acumen allows me to connect with my clients on multiple levels, understanding their challenges both in life and work. Over the years, I've guided over 1,000 individuals, including celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, all seeking spiritual growth and personal development. My mission takes me around the globe, extending my guidance and mentorship to those in need, regardless of their location.


When not working with my clients, I cherish my time with my family. Having been married for 16 years and blessed with four beautiful children, I understand the value of balance in life.

By working with me, you're not just signing up for spiritual coaching - you're gaining a mentor, guide, and friend, all committed to your personal and spiritual growth. I'm excited to work with you on this transformative journey.


Lifechanging Stories Clients Share

"Cool" Antonio Valenzano

My brother Brian Always comes thru with the right message at the right time and uplifts my spirits. Thank you for your spiritual guidance, brother!

Pat Miletich

To all looking for spiritual guidance, my friend of 15 years, Brian Hall has a way about him and his personal walk with Jesus that resonates with me. To observe a man who consistently looks to bring others up in faith in Christ is inspiring for a man like me who struggles daily to allow God to have control of the game called life. I'd recommend him to anyone struggling in today's world of chaos.

Zab Judah

Thank you, Brian for always encouraging me daily; you don't even know that some days you hit it right on the mark; you have always been a great brother there for me in the time of great need; somehow, you've always popped up I don't know where from, but always with the words of encouragement that I needed at the time I needed them. I appreciate you, thank you, and GOD bless you, My Guy Brian.

Christmas Abbot

The last few years were the hardest years of my entire life. I was in the darkest place I had ever been; a single new mother and having to deal with a slew of unthinkable things all at once. I would receive a message from Brian that was so spot on, so perfect for me in that moment, and it gave me hope. It gave me the strength to continue through that day and try again tomorrow. In a time when I didn’t feel love, it made me know that I was doing what I should and I would one day be ok again. Brian has a gift, and he chooses to share it with the world, and for some reason, he knew I needed his loving words, and for that, I am forever thankful. His kindness, insight, and persistence is something I try to embrace much more of today. Thank you, Brian. You truly helped save my life.

Andrew Gray

Thank you Brian for sharing your love of God with me. Being that gentle, constant, consistent, positive spiritual mentor that inspires and champions me through all life's seasons. Your greatest gift is how you connect the word of God and teachings that profoundly illuminates my soul even in what seems like dark times. You are truly a gift to this world, Brain. God bless you and your family. My brother in Christ.

Shawn Dill

We’ve all heard it before… “everyone needs a coach. Heck, even Tiger Woods has a coach.” And it’s true. No matter what your vocation, receiving guidance, mentorship and coaching is invaluable. It creates leverage. Compresses time. Helps you achieve results faster. So who’s your SPIRITUAL LIFE COACH? Mine is Brian Hall. He has helped me to accelerate my spiritual growth and yes, it is true, when you are in alignment, everything is better. You make better decisions, have better relationships and experience growth and abundance in all areas of your life. The best thing about Brian is that he treats you like family. That means that when you decide to work with him you become a brother or sister to him… and therefore to me! Can’t wait to see you at the family dinner table alongside the rest of us who decided to grow spiritually with Brian!

Gary Levox

Pastor Brian Hall has a calling on his life like no other! His walk, his anointing, and his faith makes you want exactly what he has! He is such an amazing friend and role model for all believers! He blesses me more than I can type and always gives me words of prayer, strength, and encouragement that I need and didn’t even know I needed! He is right on time and a wonderful gift in my life, and he will be in yours as well!

Flex Wheeler

I just wanna give you a small testimony about my relationship with Brian Hall, he’s been a tremendous spiritual leader and mentor for me for quite some time now. I can’t thank him enough for his commitment and zeal that he has for our father in heaven. I truly thank God for putting you in my life and allowing us to cross paths. I know you will do amazing work with others as you have with me. God bless you and your family.

Laura Pierson

Brian is a BRIGHT light who is beyond a spiritual life coach, he is a pastor, mentor, and friend. There are few special people in the world like Brian who care so much for others and go over and beyond and I am so thankful to have him in my life. When I receive a text from him, a prayer, I am reminded that God is with me and I am protected. He has helped me find peace in stressful situations and find the light when times are dark. Brian has helped me achieve certain goals while inspiring me along the way. His words speak to me and lift me up and remind me I am never alone. Thank you Brian for being a prayer warrior, for being so special, and for being a friend.

Thomas Zanetti

Brian's words have changed my attitude and given me what I needed to carry on. I explained how grateful I was, even though he did it for no thanks, just because he has a gift and will help people with his knowledge and power. Since then, every prayer and convo with Brian really opens my eyes and lifts my spirit. It makes me see more clearly and puts the boost back in me that I need. Thank you very much, Brian, for dropping into my life, and Thank you for everything you do for everyone.

Tai Lopez

Brian has been a source of inspiration to me through his kind words and prayers at times I needed to hear them.

Mike Beltrán

Thank you very much for taking the time to send me good positive vibes and spiritual guidance throughout the years. There’s been times I’ve felt down and out. Life has its way to beat you down and God has put certain people in our paths that elevate us. You are that person. Through my pikes and valleys, your positive spiritual energy has filled me with God's love and kept me going. It’s the little things that matter and those small details go a long way. Gracias for your friendship and spiritual guidance.

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